Me llamo Rocky


We had the best, most relaxing, enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday, we hosted a last minute BBQ potluck at our place with a great turn out (but not many pictures).  Eva taught Violet how to "Cheers" waters...

Enzo got passed around, spreading his happy cheer to everyone around him...

And our little turtle finally got a name (thanks to Rowan and Kierce for their clever imagination)...Hello Turtleini!

On Sunday we went to our friends place for a BBQ and some pool time.  Dana had to do his Daddy duties and brave the cold water, while I kept Enzo happy from the sidelines...

Enzo got swooped up by all the ladies of the house, then came back with a pretty tough lookin' mohawk...

At one point I didn't know where Eva was, only to find this...

And as soon as she saw me she says "No!  YOU go out there!"  like she was SO embarrassed that I was near her and her friend.  OMG, I thought this kind of treatment started around 10 or so...not TWO!!  My daily mantra?  "I will embrace her independance, I will embrace her independance, I will embrace her independance."

On Monday, we spent most of the morning being lazy and then decided enough was enough.  On a whim, we decided to go check out the new Koala exhibit at the zoo.  It was the perfect break in our day...

I can tell summer is in the air, because guess what we did today?  We played hookey from our class...and it felt so good!  Instead, we met with our friends, Stella and Sofia at the park...

While I don't have any real good Eva quotes this week, I'll share one conversation, just to paint you a picture of how fiesty my little girl is.  

As Enzo was sleeping, she was outside his door and kept roaring like a lion.  I kept telling her, "Eva, you need to be quiet because we don't want to wake Enzo up."  And, yet, she continuued to roar.  I had enough repeating myself, so I gave it one final warning.  "Eva, I know you can understand me, I need you to be quiet because Enzo is sleeping and I don't want him to wake up."  And, she replies (in her sassiest voice) "No!  I can't be quiet, I can only be louder!  ROARRRR!"

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