Me llamo Rocky

Enzo Turns Seven Months

Our little love bug is seven months old today!

Height: 28"

Weight: 19 lbs.

His personality is in full bloom and there is no doubt that he is ALL BOY.  For starters, this little guy LOVES food.  He always eats until his belly is rock-hard and stares in envy as the rest of us eat our food as a whole (versus his pureed form).  Luckily, its a great season to start eating foods because our trees are producing some beautiful and delicious varieties of fruit.  He loves daddy's peaches most of all.  I peeled the skin of one of our nectarines and gave it to him to see what he would do...and what do you know, he kicked his legs in excitement, grabbed that thing and shoved it right in his mouth.  He was ecstatic to say the least.  In fact, when he would drop it, he would cry hysterically because he wanted it back in his mouth immediately...

Enzo is also really moving around alot.  He is very interested in all his surroundings and seems to have no problems getting anywhere (even though he's not quite crawling yet).  And, he is also getting into everything.  He helps himself to Eva's toys, which for now, she is excited to share with him (most of the time)...

And he is also helping himself into everything that he shouldn't.  He reaches for every single door knob or handle that he gets his eyes on, wanting nothing more than to get inside...

But in the end, he is still my little cuddlebug...

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