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A Little Bit of This And A Little Bit Of That

Here is a bunch of randomness that took place throughout the week:

Every time I wrap Enzo in this towel, I just can't get over how cute he is.  My little froggy...

Here is Enzo being goofy (and still managing to look so adorable!)...

And then there's Eva.  She has been cracking us up so much lately with how smart she is.  Two things to note here.  One, Eva loves watching TV, with Dora being her favorite request.  Two, Dana and I always make her give us a hug and a kiss before we ever allow her to watch TV because hugs, kisses, and cuddles are very hard to come by from her.  Now, we don't let Eva watch TV often, so lately she has become extremely creative with how she will get us to say "yes" to TV.  The other day, she comes up to me and says "Mommy, can my baby, mommy, and daddy watch Dora and Boots on TV?"  and then I look to find this...

She lined up her Little People mommy, daddy, and baby to face the TV ready to watch TV.  I guess she figured I wouldn't say no to them?

On another day, Eva was taking a bath.  All of a sudden she kept saying "I want to cuddle with you mommy.  I'm all done taking a bath."  I was like "What?!  Did I hear that right?"  And to my astonishment, she picked up more of her bath toys than she ever has, came out of the bath without a fight, put on her pjs without making me chase her, then walked back into the bathroom for me to comb her hair without my needing to count to 3.  Not any of the above mommy jobs ever come easily, so for ALL OF THEM to happen so beautifully, hmmm, what is going on?  And, even after all of that, she still insisted "I want to cuddle with you, mommy.  I'll go get a blanket, we can cuddle on the couch."  NEVER in her existance has she asked to cuddle with me.  I'm obviously acting fast, scared to miss my opportunity and so we get situated under the covers, on the couch and she gives me a big hug and says in the sweetest voice possible "Mommy, can we watch Dora and Boots?"  OMG, thats what this is all about?!?!  And, let me remind you, she is TWO!  I think its time for Dana and I to hold on tight, because we are about to go on the ride of our lives ;)

Eva's creativeness isn't just in the sneaky aspect, she is really starting to play alot with figurines.  She is going through a definite My Little Pony phase...

They don't have the big ponies that they had when I was a kid, but Eva seems to enjoy the smaller versions just fine.  She loves pretending to go to school with them.

On the playground, I'm also noticing her playing alot of "House" (as I called it as a kid) or "Mommy and Baby" as she calls it.  And, just like me, she is always the mommy and her new friends are always the baby.  The cute part about it is that her friends are usually older and they are usually boys...and they happily oblige to her suggestions.  I will see her petting their heads, or putting her arms around them in a nurturing way, or holding their hand and pretending to teach them how to do something like walk, run, or go down a slide.

And speaking of friends, we went to the zoo last week with a bunch of our friends (about 8 moms and all their kids).  Stella, Violet, and Eva posed for a pic...

Later in the day when we were stopping for a snack, the girls spotted a giant panda that they were extremely giddy about visiting.  Since nobody else was visiting her, the girls got to spend time hugging, high fiving, and dancing with her.  They loved the attention...

Earlier in the week, we spent some time at Kate Sessions Park, where my good friend Jen (who I hadn't seen in what felt like forever) stopped by to say hello and meet Enzo for the first time.  Pretty sure she was hoping I would let Enzo go home with her (I don't blame her):)

And while I still have your attention, I have one more proud mommy brag.  Its been a couple months now, but I keep forgetting to tell you.  Eva knows all of her letters, all the sounds they make, and has been attempting to read!  She loves doing flashcard letters and will ask to do them at least a couple times a week.  But in the last month I was completely surprised when she started taking words and making all the sounds of each letter.  I hadn't even felt like I spent that much time showing her that letters are read from left to right, but whatever time I did spend showing her, she sure caught on fast.  We sure are proud of our little girl :)

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