Me llamo Rocky


Big D's birthday was this last Sunday and Eva and I were very excited to celebrate.  We started the morning off by singing to Daddy in bed, making sure to be nice and loud just in case he was still sleeping.   Before breakfast was served we had Dana open his gifts.  The first box he opened was full of pet rocks that Eva and I worked really hard at making, so he could disperse them throughout his garden...

Later, the birthday boy found the perfect place to spend his special day with the family.  We visited the Living Coast Discovery Center, which was part aquarium, part birds. As soon as we stepped foot into the entrance, Eva spotted a photo op for Enzo and herself...

And soon after we were greeted by Sea Turtles...

Once inside, we walked around to check things out and Daddy enjoyed getting love from his babies...

We ended the day with burgers and Dana's now most favorite dessert, wrapping up the perfect birthday day.

About two weeks ago we were surprised to find out Dana's Aunt Jean would be visiting for two weeks.  In the first week, she would be with her daughter, Jessica, then Amy would be staying in the second week.  We squeezed in every free moment we could get with them.  Eva fell in love!  Unfortunately, I have really been slacking on taking pictures lately, so I don't have many to share...but one day (in week one with Jessica) we took a trip to the zoo, where Eva showed them her favorite spot to take pictures...the Totem Poles!

In week two, when Amy was visiting, we took her to the zoo as well, but this time we took her to see the flamingos (one of Eva's favorite spots)...

...then down the monkey trail, where Eva came face to face with an orangutan who was ready to play...

...then we moseyed on over to the turtles and tortoises, where Aunt Jean and I just couldn't resist taking Eva for a tortoise ride...

As always, we had a really wonderful visit.  We can't wait to do it again!

Last Friday, we attended our good friends, Liz and Collin's wedding.  It was the longest we had been away from both kids and it actually went well for all parties involved :)  Dana and I enjoyed having a reason to dress up and we felt so grateful to be part of such a beautiful ceremony.  Here are the new bride and groom sharing their cake (I love this pic!)...

To end this week, I will share some more Eva quotes.  In the last month, her vocabulary has really sky-rocketed.  Those who know her know that she has very strong verbal skills already, but now she has taken things to a whole new level.  She now adds her own spin on things, and shows that she is no dumby (it is so hard to pull the wool over her eyes).  Anyway, these aren't the best ones, but they are the only ones I remembered to write down.

So, the other day I was checking her into the childcare at the gym.  The girl checking us in forgot Eva's age and says "Eva, you're 3, right?"  And Eva, with her finger in the air says "No, nope.  No, I'm only 2.  I'm just big."  I'm sure she has heard me say that to someone in the past, but it sure was cute coming out of her mouth.

As usual, Eva is always asking me to watch TV and in particular "Dora and Boots".  I really limit her TV time for she becomes way too entranced once its on (she will even sit and watch car shows with Dana--like how to build an engine or whatever from beginning to end, just because its TV), and after giving her every reason why I won't allow TV, I finally said "Its not good for your eyes or your brain."  To which she responds "But yes, mommy, Dora ACTUALLY is GOOD for my eyes."

And the last one.  Eva has a horrible habit of drinking pool water and spitting it out.  I tell her repeatedly not to do it, but she doesn't seem to see the value in stopping.  So, in her last swim class I said "I hope you had so much fun in class today, but I have to tell you.  The teacher said you can't spit water anymore of you will have to leave.  There is a rule written on the board by the pool that says so."  So we get out to the pool and she seriously asked me to show her where it said on the rule board about not spitting.  Luckily, she can't read yet, so I, with as much confidance as I could muster pointed right at the words and moved my finger along to say "You must not spit water in pool or you will be asked to leave your class immediately."  Lucky for me, it worked.  Every time she was tempted, she would look over at me like "Look, mom, I'm not spitting."  But after containing herself for almost the whole class, she just couldn't take it any longer....she mouths out to me, "Can I lick?"  Then starts licking the pole in front of her, her hands, her arms, the water, whatever her tongue could reach, all while keeping her eyes glued to me as if to say "Is this ok?  Is this ok?  Is this ok?".  She knew she was testing me....oh boy, I tell you, this girl is going to keep us on our toes.  :)

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