Me llamo Rocky

Enzo Turns Nine Months Old!

Weight: 20 lbs, 2oz (60%)

Height: 30.5" (100%)

Teeth: 1

Enzo is now 9 months old and changing so much!  He is an expert army-crawler and can get to just about anything his eyes set on in 2.3 seconds flat.  His favorite "no-no" still remains to be Rocky's food and water dishes, but with the help of big sister, Eva, we catch him pretty quickly before he gets anything in his mouth or too much on the floor.

As of yesterday, he cut his first tooth!  I had a feeling it was coming soon, for his fussiness has been a little more than the usual.  He is not a baby who allows any access into his mouth, so it is so hard to see what is really going on, but another tooth may be soon on its way.

Enzo is a constant joy in all of our daily lives, he always has a "whatever my sister wants, I will oblige" kind of attitude.  He is so easy to make laugh (especially if you are Eva), with a laugh that nobody can resist falling in love with. 

Enzo is so very aware of his surroundings and recognizes his favorite people (Eva, mommy, and daddy, of course), greeting us with a big smile, wildy kicking legs, and arms extended.  He is really shy with other people, especially when they first approach him.  He gets the cutest little smile and tilts his head and eyes away as if to hide.  Some may perceive this as a little bit of flirting ;)

With his shyness, comes the cuddling.  Although, he would much rather be on the floor and on the move, he will demand some cuddle time with mommy, especially when he starts to get tired.  Of course I don't mind at all.  I take in every opportunity I get.

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