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Eva is a negotiator and a very smart one, I must say.  There are so many instances where I am like "Dang, she ALMOST outsmarted me." and there part of me on the inside that is so darned impressed with how smart she is and proud of how well she understands the world around her.  Today she was playing with a very small plastic dog and a stuffed kitten.  She says "Which one would you like to play with, mommy?"  And, as almost always, no matter what I pick, she wanted me to answer the opposite.  So, I say "The doggie."  And she says "Well, no, you don't want to play with the doggie because the kitty is nice and says 'Meow' but the doggie might bite you, so I'll just play with the doggie."

I was in the bathroom doing my hair while Eva and Enzo were in the kitchen playing.  Eva comes into the bathroom and says, "Hi Mommy.  I didn't do something." and she says it with a very mischievous smile.  So I say, "Eva, what did you do?"  And she smiles and says "I just do something."  And I say "Eva, what did you do?"  She says, "He's ok."  Well, I knew that meant she did, in fact, do something and it was to Enzo.  Thankfully, I also knew it couldn't be that bad because I never heard him cry.  But then she continues to tattle on herself and say, "Enzo's ok, I pushed him and he hit his head, but he rolled over and fixed himself.  He's ok."  So I go to check on him and there he is, happy as can be.

Eva had a jump rope and kept asking me over and over and over again to pull on it.  I jokingly said, "Eva, if you keep asking, I'm going to pull your teeth out."  And she said, "What?"  And I repeated myself, "If you keep asking, I'm going to pull your teeth out."  as I pretended to pull.  And she instantly says, "And, I'm going to pull them back in.  Pull, pull!"  As she pretended to pull on the rope.

I was driving with Eva and Enzo in the car the other day.  All of a sudden Eva starts screaming "Owee!  Ouch!  Owee, Mommy, help!"  I panic because it came out of nowhere and look back quickly to see that she is arching her back and trying to get out of her car seat.  I say "Eva, I'm driving.  What's wrong?  What is hurting you?"  She says "Slow down, mommy, you are driving too fast.  It hurts"  And, I tell her "I'm actually going slower than the speed limit, honey, I'm not driving too fast."  She says "Yeah, you are driving too fast.  You are hurting my feelings."

As Eva and I were setting up to paint, I brought out a plastic eye dropper to use.  Eva put it in her mouth and started biting it and it broke.  I said "Honey, you just broke that.  You can't bite things that aren't meant to be bitten."  To which she instantly replies, "Honey, just put new batteries in it."

After getting the hang of using the word "Honey", she gave me another little giggle.  We were playing with crayons and she says "What color do you want, mommy?" and I said "Yellow."  She says "How about Purple?"  And I say, "No, I said I want to use yellow."  She says "Um, Honey, I think you'll just use purple."  Well, excuse me!

We have Koi fish in our pond, which we often feed as something fun to do.  A few weeks ago, Dana misplaced the bag of fish food and keeps talking abou how he can't find it.  All of a sudden at breakfast one morning, Eva says "Mommy, I found the fish food!" and points to a tree outside our window.  I look and see Juniper berries in our Juniper tree, which in fact do look like the fish food.  So I say, "you'll have to tell Daddy when he gets home."  Then, I overhear her tell herself "I am going to tell Daddy there is fish food in the tree and he is going to say, 'you're silly, Eva, those are coconuts.'"  So, she clearly knew she was using her imagination when she called it fish food, but seriously thought they were actually coconuts. 

Eva is really into telling stories now.  She likes to fascinate about scenerios and then tell me about them.  When she got a balloon from her dentist appointment the other day, she was really excited.  Half way home from the drive, after probably thinking long and hard about it, Eva says "Mommy, when I open the door the balloon will float up.  I will put on my butterfly wings and fly up to get it cuz it will be stuck.  Then, I will fly down and I saved it."  I just can't get over how well she is understanding how the world around her works, what a smarty.

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