Me llamo Rocky


This past week has been very exciting at our house, Enzo has conquered so many big firsts such as his first word (bye-bye), which also includes his first time waving bye-bye.  He went from his first time sitting up on his own on Thursday to first time pulling up to his knees on Friday, then pulled himself into standing position by Sunday.  But, before all of that he conquered something most men in their entire lives can't even conquer, multi-tasking!  He can eat a snack and hold a bottle with his feet--at the same time!

Last Thursday we were so happy to host dinner with some family visitors :)  Dana's cousins, Sandy, Alexa and Paige were here visiting Lorie for Paige's 17th birthday.  I hadn't had much more than 5 minutes spent with them in the past so this was my first time getting to know them and naturally fell in love with them like I had known them their whole lives.  As soon as they walked in the door, Eva was in heaven.  They gave the kids so much attention...

We ended the night with birthday cake and song (look at Enzo's think he wants some of that, or what?)...

I am always seeing a ton of pins from Pinterest about sensory bins for toddlers and babies.  One thing I see over and over in these bins is colored rice, so I have been wanting to try it out myself.  That gave Eva and I something to do one day while Enzo was napping.  When he woke up, the rice was dry and ready to play in.  I got a bunch of interesting objects togetherthat the kids may want to play with and presented it to them looking like this...

Within 5 minutes, it looked like this:

I was dooped.  All the people who wrote about their experiences talked about how their children played in the bins for hours, so naturally thats what I was expecting...hello, Brooke!  I obviously didn't give it much thought.  Luckily, it is easy clean up and next time I will know what to expect and determine if I feel like sweeping that day.

One day Eva and Enzo were playing in his room while I was trying to put away a few dishes.  All of a sudden I hear Eva, with a very excited voice, saying "Yay, you did it, Big Boy!  Good job, Enzo!  Good job, Big boy!  Mommy, he's doing it!  He's doing it!  Look at Enzo!"  And I start walking down the hall to see this...

"Look, mommy, Enzo is walking!"  It was one of those things where half my heart is beating rapidly saying inside my head "Please, please don't let her drop him.  Oooh, I need to grab him.  Oh, this is not going to end well."  And the other half of me is cherishing this big sister, baby brother moment as I am saying out loud "Wow, honey, you are such a wonderful big sister.  I want to try and do that with Enzo too."  as I slowly grab him out of her arms before he falls, then thank Eva for doing such a big girl thing, but next time lets make sure mommy is in the room.  ;)

Over the weeekend, we attended our first ever Bronco Club picnic (yes, you read that right, I attended a Bronco Club picnic).  Daddy and Eva took the Bronco and Enzo and I followed in my car.  On our way their, Daddy and Eva stopped to pick up cookies and this is how I see them walking out of the store.  These two are something else when they are together, I tell you what!

Once we got to the picnic, Eva started making friends right off the bat.  Her new friend, Robby (a 3 year old boy who was there with his grandparents), let her try out his skooter.  Terri, the pink cowgirl, gave Eva a few friendly pushes to help her on her way...

And for those of you more interested in what Bronco Club is all about, well...its where a bunch of Early Bronco owners line up their Broncos and get together to talk about who ordered what parts from where and then lift the hoods and talk about all the fun things underneath....

Eva has been continuing to crack us up every day with the funny things she says.  I've been getting better at documenting some of the more interesting ones, keeping them all in one blog post.  I will keep adding to that one post, but will add the new ones on top, for those who want to get a good laugh, I will try and let you know when its been updated.  Click here to read "Eva's Funnies".

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