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The Drive to Michigan

After spending a week in Ashland, I was way too ready to leave for the 14 hour drive to Blissfield, Mi. I wanted to leave as early as possible on Thursday morning, so we would get there are early as possible that Thursday night. But, I was on my mom's schedule, and she was in no hurry to leave. All I wanted is to see Dana again!! And, I couldn't wait to see his family since it had been almost 2 years. With seven nieces and nephews under the age of 10, two years is a long time. They grow and change so much!

So noon came on Thursday, and we were finally preparing for the drive. We left soon after to head through the Upper Peninsula, then cross the Mackinac Bridge and continue heading south. We made a couple stops, but let me tell you, there really wasn't very many places you could stop. Civility, houses, and people were few and far between. But, there was some very beautiful scenic parts where we rode along Lake Michigan...the road was so close to the water I almost thought I could reach and touch it. And, the lake was so big, that it really didn't look much different than the ocean that I am use to seeing.

Mark drove for the first 8 hours, and as it was getting dark, he was getting tired. So, I decided to take over. We pulled at a rest stop and switched spots. I felt freedom and excitement as I got behind the wheel because I knew if I drove, I would drive straight to Dana (where we had maybe considered a hotel to continue the drive the next day). I was just thinking about seeing him waiting outside for me and I would run into his arms and kiss him and not let him go. Then all of a sudden the car just gave out. It didn't make a loud noise or do anything abruptly, so immediatly I didn't realize that there was something wrong...until I put my foot on the gas and my foot went right to the floor. Uh oh, this can't be good. We pulled over and I looked around only to realize that it was midnight and there was not a single building or street light or anything near us. My heart sank, thinking about how just 5 minutes earlier I didn't have cell phone reception, but as I looked down I saw that I had 5 bars! Yay! Immediatly I got on the phone and got road side assistance. We were towed to the nearest Saturn dealership, which was an hour south. We brought the car to the parking lot, got a hotel, and dealt with our problem in the morning.

We had to wait until 2pm to get a rental, for they didn't know how long the car would take to fix because they couldn't find the problem. At this point, I just had to tell myself that this was all a test and keep my patience because it could've been way worse. Everything was taken care of, and I only lost a day in Michigan.

We finally made it and my reunion with my babe was just as I imagined it. He looked as handsome as ever and eager to watch us pull up the driveway. I ran into his arms and kissed him and squeezed him, and, well, I just couldn't let go of him!

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