Me llamo Rocky

Enzo Turns Ten Months

Height: 30 1/2"

Weight: ~21 lbs

Teeth: 3

This last month has been the funnest to date.  Enzo has been communicating so much and doing so much, we can barely keep up with him.

*He LOVES trucks, or anything with wheels. He is also starting to be interested in our train table...

*He points at things he is interested in

*He waves Hello

*He waves and says "Buh-bye"

*He can copy the same sounds that Eva will make at him

*He spits out food with his tongue if he doesn't like it and can even filter out the good with the bad.  For instance, he doesn't like beans.  If I give him a piece of chicken and a bean at the same time, he will push the bean back out with his tongue and continue onward with the chicken.  It's pretty silly.

*Two weeks ago he began pushing himself into sitting position by himself

*The next day he started pulling up to his knees

*The day after that he was pulling up into standing position and I got a pic of his very first time...

*Now he wants to WALK soooo bad. 

*He either wants to be standing, walking while holding on to my fingers, or be carried in my arms AT ALL TIMES.

*He loves the water

*And, he still loves his bananas.  You say the word and he starts kicking wildly with excitement...

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