Me llamo Rocky

The "Day Ruiner"

Memorial Day weekend was just last week, and it was our first weekend back from our trip home. Since I knew it would be a busy weekend, I picked up some bartending shifts to make extra money. I worked 4 nights in a row, which took a toll on me. By the end, my knees were killing me, my sleep schedule was off, and I was a bit cranky because I hadn't spent much time with Dana. I was so looking forward to Monday because that meant no work for me, and a day spent with the family (Dana and Rocky). In my head, I was picturing me waking up on Monday, packing a picnic lunch, and us leaving in the Bronco to head to Kate Sessions Park to watch Rocky run around, and we would play with the new digital SLR camera we just bought. The day was mapped out perfectly...Until I woke up.

Dana had told me he was going to grab breakfast 3 hours prior, and he still hadn't returned. I tried calling him, and no answer. I painted this picture in my head of him walking around with Collin and not realizing his phone was ringing in his pocket, which sometimes happens, so I called him like, well, um, like 5 times. Yeah, maybe a little psycho, but I was having a hard time grasping the fact that he wasn't there when I woke up because it wasn't the picture I painted in my head of the day.

Soon enough Dana came home and I was mad, because I knew he would need to work for another hour or so since he was gone for a while. And by the time it was all said and done, picnic time at the park did not sound fun anymore. After trying to figure out what we were going to do, we decided to walk around Balboa Park with Rocky and take a bunch of pics, since there is so much to look at. We got ready, tied Rocky's kennel up in the back of the Bronco, I jumped in the passengers seat and Dana can't find his keys! After 10 minutes of frantically searching, he finds them. So he starts up the Bronco and decides he needs to fix something, which takes another 10-15 minutes. I know, he has to be testing me right? How much longer can I wait around? Finally, we get going.

We drive around the park and it took at least 30-45 minutes to park because it was a very busy day there. Luckily, it wasn't Dana's fault, so I couldn't be mad for that. haha. We find a spot, park the Bronco, get Rocky out, put him on the leash and I look at Dana and say "Ok, grab the camera". And he says, "Uh Oh, its not in here". He forgot to put it in the Bronco!! Argh! At this point, I just have to laugh. We still walked around a bit, grabbed some lunch and kept joking about all the photographic moments we passed. We would say "oh, look! That would've made for a great pic!"

After walking around, we decided we would drive back home and grab the camera, then head to some hiking trails, where we could park the Bronco and get some nice pics. So, we swoop by the house, grab the camera and continue our journey to Mission Gorge Trails. We find the perfect spot with the mountains behind us to park. We get out, grab the camera, put the lense on it, and no battery!!! At this point, it was way more funny than anything else. But, Dana did carry the torch as the official "day ruiner" on our memorial day. And, of course we don't have a single picture of our day, and if you read through all of this, then you know why. LOL

In the end of the day, it actually turned out really nice, even though not a single thing went according to plan.  We were together and did things that we don't normally do, and even if it was just to take nice pictures with the new camera, it got us to go there.  Now we know where we want to go when we finally do get it all right :)

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