Me llamo Rocky

Cello there, How are you?

Last week, we were excited to make it to a concert Rowan's school put on at Liberty Station.  Rowan was playing the cello with the orchestra and let me tell you, Eva couldn't have been a more proud cousin.  She was in awe.  It was hard for her to not just run right up to Rowan and ask to sit on her lap, but she refrained, loudly cheering for her after each performance.

After in was done, we got to spend a little time with the superstar (Go, Row, Row!  Go, Row, Row!)

We attend an outdoor class for Eva once a week and she has really been enjoying it this semester.  We have learned new songs, made new friends, and the best part for me?  I get to sit back and watch without having to hover because Eva is a big girl now :)  In fact, I really embarrass her if I do try and interact with her while she's playing.  I get the "Are you serious, mom?  I'm way too cool for you." look on many occasions.  Here she is with Teacher Rachel, getting ready for the "Bear Hunt" song...

Enzo is really starting to find his own ways of entertaining on the playground during these classes, too.

Last week, we had Solana and mommy, Jen over for a little fun.  Remember that rice bin we made a while back?  Well, we took it out for another shot....and although the results were as seen below, the kids played so well together that it was almost worth the mess...

The picture above then transformed into a rice shower...but soon after, we looked over the find the cutest and most perfect photo op (yes, they really did this on their own!)

Over this last weekend, we attended the 2013 Fall Festival and had so much fun!  We got their bright and early so Eva could get a chance to take a pony ride.  She got to ride Magic, who was dressed up in her favorite color (Pink, of course).  She loved it!

Enzo's favorite part of the day was crawling all over the pumpkins.  He was so mad at me when I picked him up to leave :(

And here's a pic we snuck on Auntie Vonnie's bench...

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