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Denver with Team Zorah!!

At the end of last February, one of my best friends, Natalie came to visit with a bulging belly, and a baby inside! After spending the long weekend with her and feeling her baby kicking inside, i already felt attached. So, as we dropped her off at the airport and was about to say good-bye, I thought, I need to visit her again when her baby arrives. I told Natalie that when I find a really cheap ticket, I will book it and come visit. And, that is just what I did. I flew out last Sunday and got back last night (Wednesday).

Meeting Miss Norah for the first time was such a wonderful experience. She is an absolutely beautiful baby, and looks exactly like both of her parents. Wayne and I would also joke around whenever Norah got fussy and say that is when she looks most like her mom. (Love you, Nat :) ) Anyway, while I was there, Natalie and I got to catch up on everything that we could possibly talk about, and catered to Norah's every little need. It was relaxing to get away from wedding stress for a few days and focus on that precious little baby.

While visiting, Norah seemed to be a little more fussy than usual. We were all a little concerned and didn't know what the problem could be. After talking to the doctor, we realized that she was fussy cuz she was a growing baby and just needed more food!! So, mommy started giving her more formula per feeding--I can't wait to see her in 6 weeks and see what that extra formula does to her size.

(pics below, 1.  Me holding Norah, 2.  Natalie and Norah posing with the stuffed piggy I got for Norah, dedicating it to the pig farm that Natalie grew up on)

holding Norah  Norah with her new Piggy

Another experience I got to have was waking in the middle of the night to feed Norah. After staying there the first night and listening to Natalie tell me she was up 4 times to feed her, I thought, I have to do it the next 2 nights so Natalie can get some rest. I can't imagine doing that every night. I can suck it up for 2 days and see what it's all about. The first night was interesting. I was so anxious about waking up that I never fully fell asleep. I was so excited when she finally started crying for her bottle. The second night, however, I was so tired from not sleeping the night before that I only woke up to the sound of Norah's cry. I started thinking "No! I was sleeping soooo good." then I would drag my body to the crib, and as soon as I looked down at her, I instantly forgot how tired I really was. I realized she is solely relying on me to make sure she is fed, changed, and can get back to sleep herself. As I rocked with her in the rocker, all I could think about is how my friend, my old roommate, my bridesmaid, it is her (and Wayne, of course), she made this baby, she carried her to term and gave birth to her. It is amazing, it is just, wow! I don't know the words, but when you know someone so well, and love them so much, it is pure joy you feel for happiness in their life. Nothing can show that more than holding that little baby in the middle of the night and rocking her back to sleep.

(pics below, 1.  Zoey their Boston Terrier, 2.  Giving Norah the first bath she ever enjoyed--from what I hear, she usually cries harder than anything else, but seemed quite happy with it this time, I'll take credit for my special touch ;)  just kidding)

Zoey  bath

Not only did I get to spend time with Natalie and Norah, but I also gained a new best friend, Miss Zoey. She is their Boston Terrier. She followed me wherever I went and waited for me outside my door every morning. I took her for a couple walks, along with Natalie and Norah, and when it got too hot, I would carry her like a baby back to the house because she just didn't want to walk anymore. She was so much fun to be around and did a great job keeping my feet warm. Every time I sat down, there was Zoey, sitting right at my feet, keeping me company. She is so cute!!!

And, I can't end my blog without giving a shout out to Wayne, the big man of the house. I didn't get as much time with him because he was working hard all day when I was there. But, we had enough time together to eat dinner (Natalie and I shared duties in making dinner), and share a couple bottles of wine. I'll be dedicating my next blog to him because he loved my stuffed pork chops so much that I am going to post the recipe to share with all of you.

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