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Snowy Wonderland

Eva is really excited about Christmas this year and one of the things affiliated with Christmas, is snow, of course. Since it doesn't snow here, we can't just go out back for a little snowman action, we have to go to an amusement park and wait in line like its a ride to see snow.  And, thats just what we did last week.  We met up with Jacob, Lucy, and mommy Hannah.  Before we got to the snow, we took a pit stop at the Seals where Hannah treated Jacob and Eva to feeding the Seals.  You know she's a power-mom of two if she can do this:

After the seals, we headed straight for the snow.  Lucky for Eva, she thought to bring a hat and mittens (I don't even know how she knew they would be needed in the snow).  Jacob was without, so Eva shared her other mitten so they could play together without being cold.  It never gets old when I see her being so sweet with her friends :)  The second they hit the snow they were in heaven.  They were throwing snowballs, running, whatever they could do to enjoy the cold, wet stuff...

Then after a little play, Eva hit the sledding hill.  It was awesome.  We went there later in the day when most people were headed out, so there was no line and Eva got to go over and over and over again.  She loved it!

Since Enzo's preferred mode of transportation remains to be crawling I didn't even think to let him check out the snow.  I finally did and he just wasn't sure what to make of it.  It seemed like he did not like his hands being so cold, but everytime I grabbed him to stand him and walk with him or hold him he would get really mad.  I don't even think he really knew what he wanted, but he sure liked the idea of snow...

Back at home, I've been feeling extremely creative lately.  After accomlishing my goal of purging and organizing, I've found a little extra time to let my imagination flow with creativeness.  Lately, I I've been trying to come up with unique ways to celebrate winter and the holidays.  More particularily, I've been trying to think of sensory activites that the kids might enjoy together without my guidance.  One day I brought their water table into the house and filled it with white things and added Christmas things...

Unfortunately, this one must not have been very interesting because they only played for about 15 minutes.  But, it only made me want to try harder, so a few days later I set things up a little differently and that was a huge success.  Pretty sure Enzo was in his highchair for over an hour...

And it all ended when everything started to go into his mouth and on the floor (always the indicator that things are coming to an end)...

Today, when I picked the kids up from the chidcare at the gym, Eva was super excited to show me the reindeer she made for Dana and I.  It was adorable, we hung it up as soon as we got home...

While, we are out and about every day doing something, we do spend some down time at the house where I get things done and the kids have time to do whatever they want.  Once Enzo started crawling around it got tough because he was too small to play with, yet got into everything Eva wanted to play with, so she was irritated and always pushing him away.  During these times I am basically spending all of my time being a referee, which gets old fast.  Lately, though, Eva and Enzo have started to play well together.  Now, Enzo has a sense of humor and totally loves teasing Eva, and Eva loves to tease right back.  Most of the time, Enzo will do something purposely because he knows Eva doesn't want him to, then she'll say stop and he will bust out laughing, then she laughs in return, so then it becomes a game.  In the picture below, Eva kept stacking these rings, then Enzo would get a big smile on his face and wait for Eva to look at him, then he would rush over and knock them down and they both would be laughing so loud...

When I hear them together, I also noticed Eva has her own name for Enzo.  She calls him "Enzie", which is so cute because she didn't get it from anyone else, she said it all by herself and continues to call him that all the time...but, she only does it when its them playing together, not when I'm with or have anything to do with the situation.  I smile every time I hear her talking to him like that, and I know he loves it too.

And, speaking of Enzo.  Well, it was about 6 weeks ago when he started taking his first steps, but he still only walks if I ask him to.  Last night, though, he started walking back and forth from one couch to the other without anyone encouraging it, so I have a feeling he is right around the corner to be walking real soon.  He has been working on other skills as well.  He is starting to push cars around the house and loves throwing balls.  I must say he's got quite the arm :)  Lastly, he's not a communicater in the verbal sense, he usually gets what he wants with grunts and finger pointing, but lately, he's been nodding his head "no" and when he does it, he nods with his whole body.  It is so funny.  And, usually when I see him nodding "no" its when I put veggies on his tray and try to pop a pea or whatever in his mouth.  He begins shaking his head and smiles with his mouth completey closed like "No way are you getting that in my mouth, sorry mom."

These kids crack me up and make me smile all day long :)

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