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The Holidays with Gramma and Bopa

On Christmas afternoon Santa did us all a very special favor and let Gramma and Bopa hitch a ride on his sleigh to come visit us in San Diego.  They stayed for 2 weeks, which meant there was lots of fun, family adventures.  Thanks to my wonderful sis, I have plenty of pictures  to choose from to share some of our special moments together.

As usual, Mom's cooking is in high demand over here.  She was given a list of "must cook" items and didn't waste any time getting to work.  This was "Square Noodles" night...

And while Gramma was cooking, Bopa was keeping the kids entertained...

Eva and Merrick both got to visit Build-A-Bear with Gramma and Bopa for their Christmas gift.  After their visit, they were really excited to take their new stuffed animals everywhere they went.  Merrick had a great idea to celebrate their birthday with cupcakes and candles.  It was so cute to see them so giddy about sharing the experience together...

On New Year's Eve we had Rowan, Kierce, Gramma and Bopa over for the night, so I wanted to make sure to do something fun and special.  Being that midnight was a bit too late to stay up for Eva and Enzo, we celebrated according to Ryan Seacrest in New York (3 hours ahead).  We made our own confetti (I'm kind of a professional confetti maker), and had horns, noisemakers, masks, champagne, and juice to bring in the new year.  At about 9:05pm we realized they adjusted the "Live from New York" to our time, so we ended up muting the TV and making our own countdown.  3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!!

On New Year's Day everyone came to our house for Gramma's eggrolls where most everyone (except myself) chipped in to stuff, roll, and fry...

It was the perfect way to start the new year...together with the ones we love...

(top from left to right: Ryan, Ashlyn, Kierce, Rowan, Merrick, Natalie, Steph, Heather. bottom from left to right: Kathy, Karen, Enzo, Ken, Lorie, Me, Eva, and Dana)

We got a little adventurous one day and took a visit to the Cabrillo National Monument Tide Pools.  We got to see tons of sea anemone and little crabs, lots of sandrock glaciers, shells of all sizes, and even a leopard shark...

This last Sunday was the beginning of the playoffs, which if you watched you'll know Chargers won!!  We spent the day at cousin Lorie's house where there was lots of yummy food and shots flowing. You could definitely say everyone enjoyed the day...

Back at home,Eva enjoyed many moments with both Gramma and Bopa.  In this pic, Eva was excited to "Cheers" Gramma with her eggnog, while Gramma enjoyed some Rumchata.

There is so many memories that were made while they were here, but two weeks is tough to cram into one blog.  We were spoiled with love and attention and had a wonderful time.  Eva and Enzo are so lucky to have such loving grandparents :)

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