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Dedicated to Eva

I decided to take the time to dedicate a whole blog to Eva.  She has been changing so much and maturing into such a wonderful little girl that she deserves to have a whole blog just for her!

In the last couple months, Eva has been taking a dance class with her friend, Ellie.  Usually, her friend's mom will take her, so I really have had no idea how things have been going.  Plus, parents aren't allowed in the room and the blinds are usually drawn, so you can't see much even if you wanted to.  Anyway, I got to catch a glimpse a couple times and my friend happened to get a great shot of her to share.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see how great Eva was doing in the class.  She was waiting her turn, listening to what she was being told, and actually learning some moves...

Eva is very much into role-playing.  In fact, right now she is asking me to please go to sleep because "Eva Tooth-Fairy wants to get my tooth."  Pretend sleep is one of her favorites.  She gets really creative about what she can use for a bed...

She's never been one to play with toys, but in the last couple months, she plays alot with her figurines (Princess Little People).  It is quite funny because if I listen in I usually hear her acting out something with them that happened to us in the last couple days.  Or, she will copy a conversation we had.  She even gives her princesses time-outs for "three minutes".

Dress up is another one of her favorite things.  On most days she wants to dress like a princess (and she swears Enzo does, too)...

But every once in a while, she likes to change it up.  And, when Enzo gets involved they both just love it.  They keep looking at each other and laughing about how funny they look...

Lately, Eva has been much more interested in babies.  She just loves them.  Every time she sees a baby, she will go up to them and start talking to them in the sweetest little voice.  Most of the time she will call them "little goomie", which is some name she created herself.  She will try to teach them how to say words or just tell them they are so cute.  She is very patient with them and is not at all intimidated by their cry.  She will always try to soothe them.  She is going to be a great mother someday (if that is what she chooses).

With that, she loves to be responsible for Enzo.  When I ask her to "babysit", which is really just making sure he doesn't do something he shouldn't if I leave the room, she take it very seriously.  And rather than be aggressive about stopping him, I will hear her treating him exactly the way that I would if I caught him doing something.  It really makes me proud to see her with this behavior.

Eva still LOVES books.  Most of her free time you will find her in her room, flipping through pages in her books.  What I love most is that she doesn't just have five "favorites", but really enjoys reading all of them.  More recently, though, she has become a little frusterated that she can't actually read the words yet.  She will mention almost daily that she doesn't know how to read, but she is getting there.  Reading is right around the corner for her.

One of my favorite things about Eva's growing is that she can communicate things to me in a way that I can totally understand without my needing to be there.  For instance, when I ask her what she did while she was in the gym child-care, she will tell me the names of the kids she plays with, what she did, how nice the caretakers were to her, what Enzo did and if he cried, which caretaker made him feel better.  It is just awesome.

And, now that she is better understanding the world around her, she has been asking me more questions about myself.  Most of the time, she will compare herself to me when I was a little girl.  for instance, when Dana and I had a "Date Night" recently, I told her that her babysitter was coming over and she says "Mommy, when you were a little girl, did Granny go on a date night and you and Uncle Derek had a babysitter?"

Eva has also become very sympathetic.  She recognizes other people's feelings and tries to figure out why they might feel that way and how she can make it better.  She uses alot of comforting words and does her best to put a smile on everyone's face.  Of course, I don't ever want her to feel the pressure to HAVE TO make someone smile, but I think its wonderful that her instincts are to do so.  It is so admirable.

Last week, was our wonderful neighbor, Auntie Vonnie's birthday.  Eva was SUPER excited to celebrate it with her.  We paid her a visit, bringing smiles (of course!),

a homemade birthday card, and cupcakes!!

We danced, sang, and played, filling our hearts with lots of birthday love.

We took a family trip to the zoo over the weekend.  We found that Enzo REALLY enjoys watching the animals and Eva still finds more interest in EVERYTHING but the live animals.

As Eva calls herself now, she is all "kid".  She is smart, loving, and responsible, but will always be our little goofball...

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