Me llamo Rocky

Fourth of July Weekend

The 4th of July weekend is always a big deal in San Diego. The sun starts shining the fullest, the beaches are packed, house parties are abundant, and fireworks are in the air! And, of course, on most of these occasions, Dana is celebrating and I have to work. Boo! Dana woke me early on Saturday to tell me he was leaving to celebrate the festivities for the day...he gave me a kiss and was on his way to having fun in the sun.

Our celebrating together didn't happen until Sunday, which was the first Sunday of the month, and meant we would be hanging out with Jen and Carlos. It was the last day at the fair, so we all decided to get our fill of bad food and entertainment before the fair disappeared. We started the day off with deep fried artichokes, eventually adding crispy creme chicken sandwiches, corn on the cob, a cinnamon roll, a gyro, a beer, australian battered potatoes and ended with a bag of kettlecorn to have later in the evening (its the one snack we like to eat with Rocky--I know, we're naughty). So, needless to say, we got our fill of bad food.   (pictured is Jen and Los ordering Crispy Creme jelly filled Chicken Sandwiches)

food time

We walked through the whole fair and also played a game. Dana and I somehow started a tradition that he wins me a stuffed animal, so he played a game of darts and won me a purple monkey....

Dana and darts   purple monkey

And, we also took the sky ride to ride above the whole fair.  Everyone thought it was a good idea, but me, so I thought I would see if I could handle it.  You see, over the past 5 years or so, I have developed a horrible fear of heights.  I don't know where it came from or why, because I never fell from anything high, but I cannot deal with heights even for the least bit.  We bought tickets to go to one end and back, but the whole ride one way was so incredibly freightening for me that I had to get off at the nearest spot possible.  I feel so bad because I was so scared for my life that I yelled at Carlos like 3 times and all he did was move a little.  To pay me back, he said that when him and Jen plan a wedding, they are going to say their vows jumping out of a plane and I would be a bridesmaid!!!  Heck no, thats one wedding I wouldn't be a part of.  Ha! 

the group

Overall, we had a fun day with Jen and Los, and with each other, but Dana and I decided that the fair is not our thing.  We pinky promised that the we will only go if there is a special event going on that we want to be part of, or when we bring our own kids.  Other than that, it just sucks all the money out of your wallet and we left there broke.  :( 


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