Me llamo Rocky

I Can Do It All By Myself

In the last couple weeks, Enzo has been growing into a big boy pretty quickly.  His language is still pretty impossible to understand, but he is now making sounds specific to words.  I still don't quite understand them, but he has a name for Eva, he can say Rocky, "nana" for snack, shoe, Hi, and Bye and quite a few others, but I am still learning what they are.  His new favorite way of communicating, though, is high-fives and fist bumps.  He will do either immediately on command.

We have also moved Enzo to the dinner table and out of the high chair.  It was something he had been asking for and asking for by trying to pull up on the chair at the table whenever it was time for dinner.  I finally let him sit on a booster and boy was he a happy boy to be eating at the same table with all of us.  And, once he got to the table, he immediately wanted to eat like us.  He refuses to eat without utensils (and if he can't get food on it, he will hand it to me to get the food on, then take it back out my hands to put it in his mouth by himself).

He also refuses to drink out of sippy cup.  He wants to drink from a big boy cup.  And, he's actually doing a great job!  He loves to pick the cup up to drink and then place it back down in the exact spot where it was before.  He is very particular about cup placement.

Recently, Eva started visiting her "Auntie Vonnie" who lives two houses down all by herself.  She walks there by herself, then plays for a bit while I hang with Enzo at the house.  Enzo is always sad to see her go, but then quickly realizes he can play with mommy with her full attention.  Last week, we worked on puzzles.  Enzo surprised me at how quickly he knew where to put all the pieces...

With all the big boy accomplishments, I was also surprised by another habit Enzo has formed.  He has a recent love for his blankey.  He wants to carry it wherever he goes, or wants it draped over his shoulders so he can walk around with it hanging on him.  He wants to cuddle with it, eat with it, play with it, whatever.  It also has taggies on it that he LOVES to pull on and put his fingers through.  This morning, blankey ate breakfast with him...

Enzo is also starting to get extremely goofy and gets a kick out of doing things he knows he's not suppose to.  When he really gets on a roll, he will go back to back and do all the things he shouldn't do like go grab the remotes and throw them, then laugh and run up to me and bite my leg, then laugh and run to the bathroom and open the cabinet doors and get ahold of something he shouldn't.  And, I'm sorry, but it is really funny.  And, he knows it.  The other day, he kept putting his foot on the table and when I would move it or tell him to, he just kept putting it back up there.  Then, Eva starts in too.  At that point, I knew it was a losing battle...

Over the weekend, we got blasted with quite a bit of heat, which was great in many ways.  One of the ways, was it awoke Bumpy from his winter hibernation.  He came out to say hello, eat, and let the kids chase him around.  Enzo is just like his Granny, he could sit and watch Bumpy move around all day long....

Another way we enjoyed the heat was with a couple friends over for burgers and each other's company.  The kids all played so well together, it was fun to watch...

And when everybody came, Eva and I greeted them with matching outfits.  I recently made us matching shirts and have been looking for a reason to wear them.  It was fun to do it, so I'm sure you'll see more of it in the future...

And another picture of our beautiful little girl posing for the camera.  She is really starting to enjoy this, I am so glad!  I get to practice my photography skills on someone I love to photograph :)

Speaking of this beautiful young lady, I measured her the other day because she just seems so much bigger and sure enough, she has grown 3" since November! She is now 41 1/4".  With her height growth, she is also growing mentally.  Her and I both have been practicing how to have more patience and trying to use our manners more often.  Eva is doing so well.  I can see a huge difference in how she acts with myself and even with her friends.  I notice her being so much more patient, calm, and understanding.  And, those big sister instincts are recently in over drive.  I catch Eva trying to help Enzo in so many different situations I just love catching a glimpse of it.  The other day, Enzo was really frusterated that he couldn't get yogurt on his spoon from the cup and the cup kept sliding around.  Instinctively, Eva reached over and held the cup for Enzo so he could get his spoon in without the cup sliding everywhere.  Then she looked over at me like she was a big girl and her and I were a team to help Enzo.  It was such a precious moment to see.

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